Curriculum Vitae PDF

Academic Positions

  • Assistant Professor

    Department of Philosophy
    University of Rochester

  • Assistant Director

    Graduate Education and Postdoctoral Affairs
    Arts, Sciences and Engineering
    University of Rochester

  • Lecturer

    Department of Philosophy
    University of Rochester

  • Assistant Professor

    Department of Philosophy
    Kansas State University

  • Research Fellow

    Medicine, Ethics, Society and History Unit
    University of Birmingham


  • Ph.D. - Philosophy - 2013

    Australian National University
    Thesis: "A Philosophical Examination of Security: The Concept and Its Value"
    Panel: Michael Selgelid (Chair), Christian Enemark, Nic Southwood

  • B.A. (Honours I) - Philosophy and International Relations - 2007

    University of Queensland
    Thesis: "The Securitization of Avian Influenza in Vietnam and Indonesia"

  • B.Sc. - Microbiology - 2006

    University of Queensland

Grants and Awards


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  2. How Do Scientists Perceive the Relationship Between Ethics and Science?

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Book Reviews/Commentaries